Shipwrecked: Treasure Diver


Shipwrecked is a free-to-play casual builder for mobile devices. Shipwrecked is one of a series of casual builder titles developed by Kiwi, each with a different theme and characters, but based on the same core mechanics and content structure. As part of its late-game content, Shipwrecked includes a cycling event system which featured weekly mini-games that rewarded users with unique prizes based on their level of participation.

My Contributions

I worked on the Shipwrecked-based line of games in a variety of capacities, including: testing content structures, pitching new iterations and mechanical models, creating designs for chat and guild systems. However, one of my favorite tasks was working on the Treasure Diver mini-game detailed below.

Treasure Diver Mini-Game

Treasure Diver is a pattern recognition and memory mini-game built as part of the team challenges update for the mobile game Shipwrecked. Each round players attempt to uncover hidden treasues on the game board. With limited moves, the player must recognize possible patterns and make smart guesses to find all the treasures.

Each hidden treasure is represented by a pattern on the game board. By revealing the pattern, players win the points associated with that treasure.

Players win a round if they successfully find all of the hidden treasures before running out of moves. If their moves run out before that, they can pay currency to get a few more guesses, or forfeit the round.

As players collect treasures, they unlock new levels. Each level has new treasures with new patterns to memorize.

Treasure Diver was just one in a series of mini-games built for Shipwreck's Team Challenges Update. Each mini-game operated as a 3-5 day in-game event, where teams would compete to see who could earn the most collective points. At the end of the event, the highest ranked teams walked away with unique decorations or currency bonuses toward the main builder game.