Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a first-person shooter released to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 4th 2016. The campaign follows the story of Lt. Nick Reyes and the crew of the Retribution as they carry out missions to defend the solar system from the SDF, an expansionist government founded on Mars.

My Contributions

I was a member of the four designer team working on the Retribution, the centralized hub-space that the player returns to between missions. I was also responsible for the introductory level Black Sky - Parade, and assisted briefly on Rogue Asteroid.

The Retribution

My work on the Retribution was focused on handling scripted content within the traversal spaces (the vehicle return deck, elevators, interior hallways, the armory, and the lounge). My biggest systems contributions were centered around the streamlining of AI ambient behavior/performances, and handling player interaction with AIs. I also wrote several systems to support our new non-linear mission flow, allowing events, scenes, and character voiceovers to be populated based on progression data.

Below are two videos of the Retribution hub-space:

Black Sky - Parade

Around six months before we shipped, I volunteered to work on Black Sky - Parade in addition to my work on the Retribution levels. The level had fallen a bit by the wayside, with other more action-packed missions taking precedent. The geo for the space had already been built, but had only basic progressible scripting. While just a simple walk and talk sequence, this level helped set the stakes at the beginning of the campaign and introduce us to some of the main characters.

I scripted all of the mainline and ambient character scenes, and coordinated with other departments to bring the level up to shippable quality.

Below is a video of the finished level (Skip to 2:50 for gameplay):

Rogue Asteroid - Civilians

I teamed up with the Rogue Asteroid team to implement their civilians scene. Though brief, it was a cool moment in one of our most interesting levels.